You've probably HEARD of kegel exercises but don't know exactly how to do them.  If you haven't, they're the exercises women do where they squeeze the muscles in their lady parts to keep them tight and powerful.


Well . . . there's a new device called the kGoal that can help you tone your lady parts.


You put the device down there and do your squeezes and contractions.  Then the device measures your STRENGTH and sends the results to an app on your phone.


When you hit your goals, the kGoal gives you a small reward . . . by BUZZING down there a little bit.


The people behind it are raising money to manufacture them on Kickstarter right now and they've already passed their $90,000 goal.  The campaign is open for another 28 days and so far they've raised over $109,000.


They plan on selling them for $175 . . . but if you pledge $125 you'll get one from the first production run. 



(Buzzfeed / Kickstarter)