In case you haven't heard, the screen of your smart phone is absolutely FILTHY.  It's covered with so many bacteria and microscopic FECAL particles, it could make you sick.


So the dumbest possible thing you could do is LICK IT.  Which is exactly what a new app wants you to do.


It's called Lick This.  And it teaches you to PLEASURE WOMEN . . . by having you LICK YOUR SCREEN.


It puts you through a series of licking exercises . . . in one exercise, you have to keep a beach ball bouncing on screen by flicking it upward with your tongue.  In another, you move your tongue in circles on a pencil sharpener.  You get it.


But even the people who made the app know it's disgusting to lick your smart phone screen.  So they recommend putting a piece of plastic wrap over the screen before you lick.  In other words . . . use a DENTAL DAM on your iPhone.


The app is free, and you don't even need to download anything.  Just go to from your smart phone. 



(Fast Company)

photo credit: premasagar via photopin cc