A woman in Kalamazoo, Michigan named Jennifer recently asked her son Colin if he wanted a party for his 11th birthday next month.  And he told her no . . . because he said he didn't have any friends.


Now, last year Colin was diagnosed with a condition similar to Asperger's, and it's not EASY for him to make friends.  So to cheer him up, Jennifer created a Facebook page on February 2nd called "Happy Birthday Colin," hoping he'd get a few birthday wishes.


But in the last ten days, the page has gone VIRAL . . . and now has nearly A MILLION likes from people all over the world.


Better yet, Jennifer posted a P.O. box where people could send cards if they wanted.  And a BUNCH have already started showing up.


Colin's birthday is March 9th, and Jennifer wants to keep it a secret until then.  If you want to send a card or a gift, address it to "Colin, P.O. Box 756, Richland, Michigan  49083". 


(Facebook / WOODTV)