ESPN devoted about 90 seconds to 26-year-old Andrew Rector of New York back in April . . . which is the amount of time usually reserved for LeBron James getting a new haircut.


Andrew was at Yankee Stadium for a game against the Boston Red Sox, and FELL ASLEEP during the fourth inning.  The cameras caught him sleeping . . . and then stayed on him.


So the two commentators started talking about him.  They referred to him as, quote, "oblivious" and made fun of him for sleeping.  The clip went a tiny bit viral . . . and Internet commenters also made fun of him, which is what Internet commenters do.


So naturally, Andrew just filed a $10 million LAWSUIT against ESPN and Major League Baseball for disparaging him and leading to a, quote, "unending verbal crusade."


He says he was called things like "fatty" and "stupid" and attributes those to the ESPN commentators in the lawsuit . . . but actually, those are things random idiots on the Internet said about him.  The ESPN guys were actually pretty harmless.


As far as we can tell, Major League Baseball isn't too worried about the lawsuit . . . and they still have the clip of him sleeping available online. 



(The Smoking Gun)