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A Guy Got His Arm Stuck in a Toilet For Six Hours Trying to Get His Cell Phone


 I'm sure thousands of people accidentally drop their cell phone into the TOILET on a daily basis.  But at least you get to fish it out of a clean American toilet . . . not a Chinese feces pile.


A guy named Chen Ho in Jianyang, Sichuan, China was using a public toilet this week . . . which is really just a hole in the ground.  He was talking with a friend on his new smart phone . . . and dropped it into the hole.


He says he couldn't imagine losing his new phone, so he stuck his arm into the toilet hole to try to get it.  But . . . he got STUCK.


It took SIX HOURS for firemen to get him out.  Chen says, quote, "The smell was appalling and by the time the firemen arrived, my arm was terribly swollen.  I forgot I had a cut on my hand and I think it got infected."


He DID get his phone back at the end of this . . . but after all that, it was RUINED. 



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