The very first Denny's in Manhattan opened over the weekend.  And how did they celebrate finally cracking the New York City market?  By selling a breakfast approximately 6,000% more expensive than their average breakfast.


The Denny's in New York City has an item on the menu called the Grand Cru Slam.  You get two standard Grand Slam breakfasts of eggs, pancakes, sausage, and bacon . . . but it also comes with a bottle of 2004 Dom Perignon Premier Cru champagne.


Denny's says that's actually a BARGAIN . . . most restaurants in New York City sell that same bottle for at least $400.  Plus, you know, it doesn't come with pancakes and sausage and stuff.


They're also offering fancy cocktails that sell for around $10 each.  And the inside does NOT look like a typical Denny's . . . it looks more like a real restaurant. 



(New York Daily News