What happened when Adele's sound cut out at a show? First, let's review what Mariah Carey did when her mic didn't work during New Years in NYC.

1. Went diva

2. Confused her backup dancers

3. Got awkward

So what happened when Adele's sound went out at a show in Alabama back in April of 2016?

She kept singing. Actually singing, although you couldn't hear her over the crowd picking up right where the sound cut off.

After she finished the song, Adele brushed off the technical glitch with her usual good humor (and awesome accent).

The sound cuts out around 2:39 in the video below. Adele making jokes about it starts around 4:42 (heads up: she does drop some NSFW f-bombs during this part).

(harpersbazaar.com, Here is how Adele handles a sound failure, Diana Bruk, January 5, 2016)