Photo: Getty Images

By Kathleen Perricone

It was just announced that Iggy Azalea will be rocking the Wango Tango stage this Saturday, and the Australian rapper called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about the big event, as well as her collaboration with Jennifer Lopez.

“I was very excited to the call,” she says about the music festival. “Being somebody who lives in L.A. myself, I always hear lots of good things about Wango Tango, so I’m glad to have my first time be onstage as well.”

“I moved to America when I was 16,” explains Iggy, who just dropped her debut, The New Classic. “I’d thought about it for a while before I did … I dropped out of school, so I was already working for about a year before I decided to make the move, and had some aspirations to come and do some secondary schooling over here which never eventuated, but I did get a rap career.”

Although she was so young when she moved to Miami, the “Fancy” rapper wasn’t worried. “It was slightly well-planned when you do move countries. It wasn’t like I was out on a doorstep somewhere waiting for someone to come and abduct me. When you’re a kid, you feel very invincible, so there wasn’t much fear, just excitement for what was to come.”

After working with Ariana Grande on her latest hit “Problem,” next up for the 23-year-old is a collaboration with none other than J.Lo on her A.K.A. album.

“I love her,” gushes Iggy. “I definitely used to sit in my bedroom as a young girl and lip-sync Jennifer Lopez songs, so it’s very cool to have a song with her on her album.”

So what is their song? She can’t tell us just yet, but Iggy did reveal, “She actually only asked me about two weeks ago, so I didn’t have to keep the secret for too long. When I opened on tour for Beyonce, I had to keep that under wraps for months, which really killed me. So this is a breeze.”

Download The New Classic on iTunes now … and go here for Wango Tango tickets!