"To the dealers that are pushing this poison—we're coming for you", warns Sheriff Peyton Grinnell.  He takes a proactive stance against heroin dealers.  The Sheriff means business and cautions these individuals in a threatening manner.  Lake County is being affected by a growing epidemic of drug-dealing and drug abuse and Grinnell will stop at nothing to catch them and make them pay for their crimes. 

“Enjoy looking over your shoulder and constantly wondering if today is the day we will come for you,” says Grinnell. “There are those that may say it was over the top. Well, if the message got out that A—our citizens can call us and remain anonymous, and B—that the drug dealers move out of this county, I’m OK with that.”

Grinnell ends his video by telling the heroin dealers to "run" before he walks off camera with his SWAT team.  The video aims at cracking down on America's heroin epidemic, with overdoses and deaths from the drug recently hitting all-time highs.