Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for Ciroc

Stacy Kiebler is off the market. For now.

Full disclosure: I went to grade school with Stacy Kiebler. She was a mean girl back then. Might not be now...I wouldn't know.

Yup, that's right. St. Clement's School in Rosedale, MD. It's where Stacy and I spent many years hating each other in grade school. "Hate" might be a strong word. I prefer to say "strongly dislike".

Stacy was like every other popular girl in grade school. Overly confident and self-important. She was rude to me many fact, I'm sure she doesn't even know I exist. Not much has changed since grade school... except she's super famous and I, well, I'm here on the radio.

We were never friends, so I don't really wish her ill-will...however, I am going to be super-judgy about this latest development in her personal life. 

It was just last summer when she broke it off amicably with George Clooney (I still can't wrap my head around that one)...but she didn't waste any time hooking up with another super-rich dude...a CEO of a tech startup that's 5 years her senior. Age is definitely not a big deal, but it does support the belief that she's really into older guys.

Not only did she rush into a relationship with this CEO, Jared Pobre, she just married him over the weekend. People magazine has the scoop.

I'm not really sure what to think. Part of me likes to believe in "love at first sight"...but the other part of me hopes this guy has an iron-clad pre-nup. I'm not saying she's a gold digger, but I'm not saying she isn't.

A message to Jared from a guy from the same 'hood at Stacy: keep it tight bro and don't get too invested.