OK, so I can barely believe what I'm reading over at Speakeasy, a Wall Street Journal blog (hey, I read smart things sometimes). 

They're reporting that Russian lesbian duo t.A.T.u. will be reuniting for a performance at the Opening Ceremonies for tonight's Sochi Winter Olympic Games.

This is kinda mind-blowing for two reasons.

  1. I didn't realize t.A.T.u. was even still around - they only had one hit in the US back in like 1998...still played on Pride Radio today... and
  2. Um, Russia has a crazy anti-gay propaganda law that has seen LGBT people get physically assaulted just for their beliefs!

Soooo these two, who paraded around 10 years ago as school girl lesbians are going to literally be on the world's stage tonight for the Olympics in Sochi?

Between dangerous face water and stray dogs, this may be the hottest mess of the Olympics.

If you need a reminder of who t.A.T.u. is... here's their hit from 1998 "All The Things She Said".