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HELLO MOTO: The Iconic RAZR Poised For A Comeback?

Looks like there's a market for people who are sick of being connected by smartphones all the time.
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Your Landlord Can Throw Your Things Away and Get Away With It

If you live in an apartment in Maryland, chances are that your landlord has the right to toss the things you have in your storage unit and they won't even get in trouble!
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Watch Bryce Harper and Gigi Hadid Compete on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

The Washington Nationals superstar stopped by for a friendly game of Catchphrase
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Crews Pull 25 Bags Of U.S. Mail Out Of The Sewer in D.C.

After neighbors saw some mail in a drain, crews arrived and pulled hundreds of parcels from the sewer.
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WATCH: Blue Crab Shedding It's Shell

It's the season for soft-shell crabs in Maryland...but this is kinda gross.
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Burger King Opens Spa in Finland

A 3-hour stay in the "Burger Spa" costs about $285.
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WATCH: Couple Dresses Each Other For A Week

You know you've judged your significant other's wardrobe choices... this couple decided to dress each other to see how well they'd do!
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This POV Rollercoaster Video Will Give You Vertigo At Your Desk

The tallest, fastest and longest "dive" coaster in the world, "Valravn," opened at Cedar Point... check out this full-length front-seat ride!
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Fort McMurray Pets Rescued by 'Rogue' Volunteers

The uncontrollable wildfire in Canada is resulting in heartbreaking loss of pets until some 'rogue' volunteers stepped in!
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Joker: The BARF Coaster

Never have we seen such an utter display of nausea in one place.
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