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Amazing Drone Footage of Abandoned Forest Haven Asylum

Just off Rt. 198 in Laurel stands one of the scariest abandoned buildings in the area. Not many people have gone and come back without a heart-stopping story or two. Even if that story is a run-in...
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Doing THIS Simple Action Could BRICK your iPhone

There's something seemingly so innocent but is actually quite sinister in nature that could forever brick your iPhone. A factory reset won't help you either. This ONE tiny change will send you...
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WATCH: Ghost Ship Graveyard in Maryland!

Hundreds of ships were abandoned and sunk in the Potomac River. Check out this incredible drone footage. Mallows Bay is the name of the largest resting place of shipwrecks in the western...
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Six Flags Great Adventure Announces New 'Joker'-themed Roller Coaster

Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey has announced a major name change to their new rollercoaster for 2016. What began life as "Total Mayhem" has been taken over by "The Joker" from Batman!...
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There's a HUGE Abandoned Underground Area in DC

Have you ever driven down North Capitol Street, right past those massive concrete silos behind overgrown chainlink fencing and wonder, "What the heck is that?" The old silos of McMillian Park...
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Worst Family Feud Answer Ever?

Steve Harvey, bless his soul, takes more than his fair share of crap from people. The question was "Tell me another way people say 'mother'"... easy, right? Wait till you see what happened......
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Inside The Abandoned Pennhurst State School

Take a look inside Pennhurst State School just outside Philadelphia. This was a place people sent their "trash"...only that trash were human beings that were just misunderstood or had severe...
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Check Out This Creepy Abandoned Mall in Frederick, MD!

Frederick Towne Mall has been dying a slow, painful death for a long time now. Only two anchor stores remain, Home Depot and Boscov's but the interior of the mall is completely closed off... well,...
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Snow-Shoveling Dog Shovels Like A Boss!

Meet Paige, the snow-shoveling dog! She LOVES to shovel snow and helped her own Lauren to dig out from the blizzard that hit the Mid-Atlantic. She's getting pretty famous these days...she even...
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