So... this one isn't scientific in the least... it's not a major majority of people being surveyed... but it's still pretty entertaining. 

They asked a few people to say what they thought of people from each state.. and here's what we're looking at: 

“Everyone in D.C. owns four pairs of dress pants.”
 “Plus, they all have exceptional balance because of cobblestones and that narrow staircase from The Exorcist.”

“Maryland is just The Wire and people tying sweaters around their shoulders.”
“Everybody in Maryland has very sensible names like Bob and Susan.”
“You do not want to be on a long car ride with someone from Maryland.”
“They’d bore you with crab cake recipes and stories about how great Maryland summers are.”

“Everyone in North Carolina has an Outer Banks decal on the back of their car.” “They’re all very good-looking.”
“They bathe in Cheerwine. And sweet tea.”
“They always get upset about how you pronounce ‘Appalachian.’”
“All they wear wear are Rainbow flip-flops and Croakies.”

“You can always tell when someone is from Utah.”
“Literally everyone there is nicest person you will meet in your life.” 

“I bet Virginia has excellent preschool programs.”
“People in Virgina like to get drunk and sing ‘Sweet Home Alabama.’”
“Everyone only zips their sweaters three-fourths of the way up.”
“The state pastime is waving at people from a lawnmower.”

“The most terrifying place in the United States is West Virginia.”
“Everyone in West Virginia just wants to make slip-n-slides out of blue tarps and drink moonshine.”
“There is no electricity in West Virginia.”
“I bet it’s a lot of fun.”

The people answering this probably knew little to nothing about each state, but that's why it's fun! I have tons of ideas of every state and I've only been to like 20 of them. PLUS... some of that is pretty damn accurate.