Because I've never been all the way to the West Coast, I don't really understand anything they do over there... but now they're calling the East Coasters out. Think these "Things EC's Say That West Coasters Don't Understand" is accurate?

  1. Can we go to Dunkin' or something? I need breakfast
  2. That's SO far; it's on the other side of the city!
  3. It's not even that cold. 
  4. I've never been to [insert major attraction here] even though I live here.
  5. Do you have a light/can I bum a cig?
  6. Well if you know [insert basically anything here], we actually invented it.
  7. I'm just a defensive driver. 
  8. West Coast is just too laid back for me. 

While I haven't jumped on the Dunkin' bandwagon, I know the northeast has, and I definitely like to brag when I can handle the cold. I also know what it's like to grow up in a city and know nothing about it/never get to explore it. 

But do East Coasters really think they drive defensively?! I'm well aware that I was very aggressive from day 1 in Driver's Ed when my teacher told me I was gonna be prone to speeding tickets. He was right. 

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