I missed an entire week of work last week thanks to an infection around my wisdom tooth and then getting them all pulled. It was miserable.... but if there's one thing the internet has taught me, it's to have a camera ready after the surgery. 

My handy dandy brother [who is a bit famous in DC if you're a baseball fan] thought I was ssoooOOOoOoO hilarious and did the deed. Unfortunately he's an idiot and forgot to turn the phone sideways.... but he caught me in my grossest moment ever that will hopefully make you laugh. 

So much drool. I couldn't feel a damn thing. Milkshakes went in my mouth and somehow came right out. 

We also took a video of right after I woke up... but I was mostly a miserable bitch who was just hitting herself because of the severe discomfort of being in a hospital setting. Hospitals & EB= enemies fo' lyfe.