Had I known everyone would love my demonstration so much, I would have posted this a lot sooner! It's my go-to dance when I'm not quite drunk enough to really twerk it out on the dance floor, but I want some attention.

The rules of THE White Girl Dance: 

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY... NEVER hit the right beat. 
  • Touch yourself... a lot. Especially your hair. 
  • Your face must be blank. No expression. A duck face is acceptable for newbs. 
  • The more random the moves, the better
  • The more people around, the better. 
  • If a stranger [/creeper]  joins in thinking you're lookin' good- you win the night.

Sometimes it's nearly impossible for me to miss the beat and it captures me, but the trick is to imagine a completely different song in your head. You're welcome.