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Urban Dictionary words to start using NOW

Urban Dictionary words to start using NOW

We're in need of new, solid words for 2014. Twerking and whatever else I've seemingly successfully forgotten about for right now need replacements. 

Here are some ideas: 

Irish Handcuffs. n. Having a drink in each hand... or the noun version of double fisting.

Manther. n.  The male version of a cougar, and a word we've needed for a LONG time. 

Clutch Oven. n or v. Stinking/farting up an entire car. 

Nerdjack. v. Taking over a perfectly fine conversation with informational talk no one cares about.

And very important... 

Sporking. v. Spooning with a poker.

Here's more: 

And feel free to leave any other suggestions in the comments box! 

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