According to a know-it-all dating website that would never be wrong, women are most attracted by men named the following: 

  1. Mark
  2. George
  3. Harry
  4. William
  5. Antonio
  6. Andrew
  7. Matthew
  8. David
  9. Richard
  10. Christopher

WHO WANTS TO DATE A GEORGE OR A HARRY?! There's no way those can be right... but I'll holler at an Antonio and a Chris any day. In fact, I've had more Chris's in my life than I care to admit out loud. A guy named Chris is hott 99% of the time. 

I wonder what the hottest girls' names are... Can Elizabethany be on there?! 

Syke. If Coke won't put me on a bottle, I don't think I'll be on any sorta list like this.