Buzzfeed is either really great, or really terrible... and this is a list that they totally failed at [in my opinion].

19 things everyone from DC knows to be true... 

...and what I think is stupid is crossed out. 

  1. People assume you grew up next to the White House
  2. Traffic doesn't phase you. Uh, it's miserable every day... which definitely phases me.
  3. You know the four quadrants are basically different countries
  4. Eating on the Metro will always be weird to you. Wait... people actually follow that rule?!
  5. The Kennedy Center was your local theater
  6. You know that Bones and Scandal would never happen. Actually, I think it's definitely happening everywhere around me.
  7. The idea of DC being cool doesn't even make sense to you. [Doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but I'm proud of it!]
  8. Going to Rockville is basically Hell. [unless of course you're picking up a prize from the station]
  9. Your school held scavenger hunts at the National Mall
  10. A motorcade passed you every day
  11. Rooting for your home team was always somewhat embarrassing *sigh*
  12. Georgetown University was practically the Holy Grail. Maybe the Holy Grail for polo collar poppers and lovers of wearing obnoxiously bright colors.
  13. You only went to the zoo in the winter
  14. Foxhall was your Beverly Hills
  15. You saw a politician every week
  16. Inauguration Day meant staying indoors for a week. That'd be lame! I love experiencing the crazy that happens in our city... since it doesn't happen often.
  17. You've never understood the hype with Georgetown Cupcake
  18. You hate when people say Reagan instead of National
  19. Bethesda is the fake DC. Another *sigh.* It's where I live!, but it's because it's the next best thing to the city. 

How do you feel about this?! Would you add anything! Holler at me! 

I know I'd definitely add "parking in Adams Morgan is your worst nightmare coming to life."