Reddit has some good convos sometimes, and I'm liking the things that are found in girls' apartments that immediately turn a dude off. I know you don't wanna see gross makeup and hair everywhere.. and probably not my adult toys unless you like to get weird... but what else should I hide?

  • male roommate
  • condoms
  • pictures of guys
  • an obsession with horsses
  • the quote "if you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best"
  • bridal magazines
  • how to books/articles on finding the perfect man
  • more celeb magazines than actual books
  • really strong scents- candles, perfume, whatever
  • a lot of throw pillows
  • stuffed animals


And I figured I'd add some things I don't wanna find in a dude's place: 

  • naked chics... posters, magazines, whatever
  • baby wipes in the bathroom. I don't wanna know how you wipe your ass
  • gross showers
  • used condoms
  • the stench of animals
  • a collection of figurines
  • way too many video games
  • a couch that you've had since college
  • lotion anywhere near your bed or computer

I could go on... but I have things to do. 

What would you add?