WARNING: This may ruin the way you enjoy some reality shows... or maybe you're aware that not everything is real... either way, here's the truth. 

FIRST OF ALL: I can personally vouch that what you see on MTV's Real World is real. It may be driven by alcohol/crazy people... and edited like crazy, but everything really happens without any scripts. 

According to this post on Thought Catalog: 

  • MTV's MADE: VERY scripted. Told people what to say in the hallways
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette: Not SCRIPTED, just made with heavy amounts of "suggested" alcohol
  • Jerry Springer: Surely you saw this coming, but it's all scripted with actors. 
  • Amish shows: Again... surely you didn't think these were real? They pay people to use the "lot."
  • House Hunters: The people "hunting" have already found their new home, and are pretending to consider others. 
  • Extreme Makeover: The families were real, and really in need, but Ty and the gang did zero heavy lifting. 
  • Hoarders: Real! Hallelujah there is some truth in the world!
  • Cops: Another scripted show bites the dust. 
  • 16 & Pregnant: Minor details are fake. Tyler and Caitlyn didn't really win prom king and queen. 
  • Super Sweet 16: People are paid to cause drama, like push over the cake. 
  • The Biggest Loser: They have the entire story planned out ahead of time, and they just use the footage they get to create the story. 


It's still entertaining!!! I DON'T CARE.