In case you were unaware- fangirls get some kinda crazy trying to get tickets for their favorite band. E-mails, angry phone calls, begging tweets... all of it is to be expected, but I didn't think I'd have to fight off some bully kids who were pretending to be me/the station.

One girl was complaining about how the station called her at 11pm, told her she won tickets, but then didn't give them to her. Obviously the station isn't going to call at 11pm, so I asked for the number.... then I called it.

WHY ARE THEY SO MEAN NOWADAYS?!? I mean, prank calls happened back when I was growing up too, but all the online stuff that goes on with this is not okay. Ever since the Emblem 3 BS I haven't been able to let it go down, so I did one little thing to hopefully stop at least a few people from being a-holes.