I love these maps that really do nothing for our lives, but actually tell us so much about the people making up the states we live in. 

Today... we learn what everyone is Googling. 

Maryland... why in the h are you so fascinated with David Hasselhoff?! The runners-up there are crabs, kickball, and "What is Twitter?"

Utah also confuses me... Kama sutra?!? Are you all a bunch of secret freaks?! Actually... guess that's not surprising. Runners-up: Def Leppard, magic tricks, and mustaches. 

Virginia- If you're still really into Farmville, I'm gonna need you to seek help in getting your life together... Also... Black Eyed Peas was a runner-up. It's time to move on, okay?

DC- You're political through and through. We get it. Hilary Clinton was one of the top searches, along with a bunch of other boring ish. 

North Carolina- Are white snakes a big problem?! I knew there was a reason I just went straight to OBX when entering that state. Also.. the runner up is "Your Mama Jokes." If you're still Googling ideas for those, you need to get out more.

West Virginia- I won't ask any questions about your apparent ferret obsession, but I will wonder why you're looking up how to make moonshine. You're supposed to be the pros at such things.