I am so beyond bothered right now. My friend posted about this new math and I thought for sure it was BS going around the internet. I did some research, and while it is complete BS, it's also very real. LOOK AT THIS NONSENSE: 

Yeah that makes no damn sense... but here's how a math teacher explained it:

I admit it’s totally confusing but here’s what it’s saying:

If you want to subtract 12 from 32, there’s a better way to think about it. Forget the algorithm. Instead, count up from 12 to an “easier” number like 15. (You’ve gone up 3.) Then, go up to 20. (You’ve gone up another 5.) Then jump to 30. (Another 10). Then, finally, to 32. (Another 2.) I know. That’s still ridiculous.

Well, consider this: Suppose you buy coffee and it costs $4.30 but all you have is a $20 bill. How much change should the barista give you back? (Assume for a second the register is broken.) You sure as hell aren’t going to get out a sheet of paper ...


Thank goodness I don't have any kids, cuz they'd fail their homework if they didn't get it. Luckily a lot of parents ARE revolting against this way of teaching... and I'm hoping it won't become a thing for long or take off in every school. 

Seriously... the best thing about math was always that it didn't need an explanation! It was the only subject that just was. Oof.