Holy mother of foodgasm gods..... I have never been to GCDC before, but I'm obviously going to need to make a trip after seeing this here grilled ice-cheese sandwich. 

The ice cream is made from cream cheese, vanilla, and spices, then infused with cocoa or fresh fruits. Instead of cookies you’ll find the scoops sandwiched between slices of brioche French toast. Flavors include cinnamon-apple, fresh strawberry and bourbon-vanilla, and chocolate-Grand Marnier. Like you would dunk a savory grilled cheese, the sandwiches come half-dipped in either chocolate ganache or caramel.

I can't even handle this right now. I'm about to totally ditch my diet and figure out a way to make these at home since I don't see it being possible to be one of the first 40 customers tomorrow so that I can get it free. 

*trying to wipe up slobber*