friday... Friday... FRIDAY!!!!


what y'all finna gunna do tonight??????! 

Whatever it is hit me up cause so far I've got ZERO plans 





And if by any chance you happen to run into someone you find attractive but are to scared to talk to them, don't go on the Missed connections section of CL. Instead download this app its much Easier


 In case I haven't ruined your childhood enough this week here's a handful of your favorite cartoons' origins. that are, Far more Dark Origins

 and speaking of cartoons check out how some kids my age reacted to 80s cartoons. but come on, even I know who He-Man is

Turns out taking a picture of a dog.. well you can look at what he's doing in this picture that is going up for $50,000!!!! 


Have you ever wished you could work in porn? Well turns out there is now a Porn School! where you can learn all the ins and outs 




and hey if you're having a lonely evening because you can't go out to party why don't you just enjoy this video of a pig surfing :D 

yea he's cooler than you :P 














It's Fridayyyyyy!!!! 

Kami here reporting live from HOT 99.5 with the latest! 

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Ok now for some news...

Introducing no choice meals for all of those people out there well with…no choice!!


Bar in Milwaukee is serving Bloody Mary with entire fried chicken in it! You gotta see the story right here!!


Gallery of the most awkward celebrity fan pics taken at this link! Haha the one with Kanye West though!


Too cute: daughter and dad having quality time! Just kicking it with her daddy!!  


What Steve Jobs is alive and living in Brazil?! Check out the latest here and see the selfie that someone supposedly "took" with him right here


Alright that's all I have for you fold but remember to tune back in to see the latest here with your girl Kami!!