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OK now for what's hot...in news that is!!


A new device has been created for men to track their sex performance!!  It has a vibrator attached with an adjustable speed button! There is also a Facebook sharing option to post about their progress through the app!!! Read more about it here!


In other news..

Washington, DC's mayor, Marion Barry, has not paid his car tickets! FYI: I will say, being a person who grew up in DC all I see is ticket people roaming around! Anyway go pay those tickets man!!!! 


Cast of Lion King performs on NYC train! Wow if this can happen everyday somewhere different in the world we would be so much happier! Hakuna Matata!!!! 


This is just the curtest thing ever! A gallery of dogs that struggle to learn how to howl! Check out this cuteness at this link!


I strongly dislike cat calling!! Haha this video reveals the things men are really “saying" when cat calling!!!



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