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This app is perfect for the BMW life (Bus Metro Walk)! Train for those of you who don’t live in the DC area!! It's just like Uber but it picks people up along the way! Check it out here


Just man is trying to impress the ladies in the pool and than poops on himself: 



This dog has the longest tongue EVER!!



Check out this gallery of the most creepy dating profiles! See it at this link!! Warning the guy on the second one is something else!! #hungry4thebooty


In other news...

Happy Hump Day and National Night Out! Check out this man who takes the longest to get ready because he is too busy getting his groove on! Enjoy!!



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oh my.. oh my oh my oh my!!!  




HAHA! Turn down for work! Yea buddy :P 

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Everyone loves some cool nude body painting. 

This amazing artist takes her canvases (actual people) out side and camouflages them into the scenery, she also sells her photographs check it out


 Do you think an 87 year old nudist should be the sheriff? 

no seriously I'm not making THIS up


 So I think I should change career paths, because Apparently cam girls make wayyyyyyy more money than I do. I think i could pull it off... I mean I got a bunch of likes on the cheese pic...

Check out the story 



Turns out Eddie Redmayne is an awesome actor as well as a decent singer, and also looks an awful lot like Steven Hawkings, which works since he is PLAYING Hawkings in the film The Theory of Everything: 




 Tinder!! It's not just for people now! Puppies are using it now! 

 let me put this in perspective for you  and I quote  "for those just looking for a one-time hook up, you can volunteer to take a dog for a walk." 



What would you do if you saw a little kid on his battery powered ATV down the PARKWAY????!!! 

I would pee... not a lot, you know, but I'd be so shocked I wouldn't be able to control myself. (then I'd help the kid of course) 

Well that actually happened in NY! Yea! I know Right!