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Alright now for the latest!!!!


Check out this link to see a walker that is made out of legos!! Coolest thing ever! 

Alright in other interesting news...


This business is Malaysia is allowing people to try on make-up and clothing that he or she may want to wear in their coffin. This is different if you ask me. Very different. But hey there is something for everyone! Check it out here


This dad decides to add special affects to some ordinary videos of his son that are really epic!!! 


Watch out because this little three year old boy is taking over! 


Taylor Swifts’ vocals were off in her VMA performance. This song is based on haters talking about her being a bad singer. What a kawinkydink (coincidence). See that breaks it down!!


In the world of cuteness...

This little girl is amazed at a space shuttle taking off…Too cute!!



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