*southern accent*

Why isn't it mighty fine of you to click on this here post :D  hey you should follow me on all the things! 




Check it out! 

I actually have some stuff that ISN'T depressing from the internet! YAY! (...) 





OH EM GEE! it's 

B*Witched! they've got a comeback album coming out! Am I excited?   uh yea sorta. 


This Voting commercial... I'm not sure whether it makes me want to vote or not vote ever... you decide..




Turns out Madonna recorded a song with Eve a few years ago but it was never released until NOW! 



Here's James Franco being James Franco while promoting his new film and the VMA's by being an awesome interviewer to all of these famous people :) 





The Hunger Games+ Theme park= Lots of fun? 

 Yes they're talking about it, very serious. 

and this is what people are saying about it