Monday... yay. 


Once more I am here to give you things that are moderately to extremely entertaining from around the inter webs. 
T'is my last week here at 99.5 so lets finish up strong :) 


Let us start with something thatis both moving as well as well... Gross. 

This guy somehow discovered that he had a talent. Painting with his eyeballs... 





And if you've ever wondered what a Disney film would look like is mister Michael Bay directed it? Well here's the Trailer for "UP" Directed by Michael B





More ART! YAY! 

Except now this photographer went around the world to take a picture of women have an Orgasm.



Want to cook better? well... OF course adding more technology will make it better. look at the argument to bring the Google glass into the kitchen


andddd to wrap up your Monday night he're a PUPPY getting a very relaxing massage... and more love than I'm getting...