Mike mike mike mike mike!!! 

Guess what day it is!!! 



Yea.... looks like I've got the Hangover all to myself tonight woot woot! 


1D the other night was crazy you can check out the pix and vids on my Instagram and twitter 


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And without further-a-Do 

Here's five things I happen to find floating around the web that you may want to check out


So remember earlier this month when the five year old mayor lost the election to a sixteen year old? well turns out those aren't the silliest mayors in the country 

You'll never guess who is the mayor of this little town


I always give you my Instagram but please don't be a creep like do this NFL rookie was to some one from Dc. 

Though what she did in return is the funny part. #brilliant



 CATS!= Cute 

Fifty Shades of Grey= Hot 


Cats+Fifty Shades of Grey?= kinda weird :P



 Everyone loves Michael Cera. He's like that fun awkward friend who we all have. Well turns out he's also a pretty good musician. He put out a whole album...thing. well he used toy instruments and lip trills in some of them which is totes cool yo :) (I'm hip)


And to wrap things up. These guys did what I've been planning on doing for months now... they made a song for Tinder. And yes it's as cool as you'd expect.