It's MONDAY folks if you didn't know already!!!!

Kami here with the latest!! 



Update: Turbo the dog with a toy made wheel chair has now upgraded to a new cart check it out here


You entrepreneur on the way: This 9-year old who has his clothes game on point has a cookies company that just went viral Instagram!!


Men are shaving their chest hair into a bikini and are rocking it! See it here!!


A gallery of job applications gone wrong!


Police officer looses dance off to neighborhood kids:


Boy makes sick beats with utensils: 



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HEy! check out these thingies 


I guess nazis work at Mickey D's now...



This is just too much. Look closely at the girl sitting on the jet ski at the beginning she knows what's about to happen



This guy is just having himself a nice stroll and.... wham!!! something hits him on the head that should NOT be free falling. Check it out- But warning, it's a bit graffic. 


 You know... I can't decide if this is a good or a bad sign... what do you think? Would you want this to happen during your wedding photos  let me know your thoughts on twitter. 

 THIS! this little kid is the next Steve Jobs... or at least another really smart guy! he invented a way to charge your phone without you having to find a plug! 




THis guy right here is a musician. I can play a little somethin' but I doubt I could do this



Hey did you ever wish you could go 16 stories high and  65 mph? well in that case you're probably insane! but i don't judge. in fact I've got just what you need.