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OKCupid has been doing these experiments with their users. Making them think they were matched with someone even though they weren't. That's messed up... Check out the story


this is something I found interesting and a tad bit creepy also. 

This lady Dubbed " The Lady in Black" has been walking across the country so far about 500 MILES!!!! for no real reason, check out who she might be 



With Comic Con just wrapping up Comics are a cool topic right now. and this guy is being awesome with it. Homeboy is disabled and STILL put out his first comic book. one her drew with his MOUTH!


These people should be dead they should! but no! they got run over by a train and lived Peep this video



Who doesn't enjoy a nice dance while Neked with their SO? I know I love it! :P 

These people just took it to the next level! 


 Some people can play sports, some can draw and others can sing... these Football players did the latter. I'll let you decide whether they're good or not 






And i figured you needed your childhood ruined so check out all these dirty jokes in our favorite childhood cartoons. some of these I've seen. but most NEVER 0.o



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Aww too cute a little girl cries after finding out that her baby brother cannot stay small forever!! Click here to see the video!!!!!


Karma is so real…Man burns himself rather than the stranger’s house that he tries to burn and goes to jail see the store here!!


I need one of these to add to my purse of goodies lol....MUST HAVE: Hair clip that has multiple task see what they are!



Justine Bieber selfie goes viral after sex toy is found in the background…Ummm looks like someone is a a little freaky... check out the latest!!!!


What?! Both men and women are using vaginal cream, Monistat, to grow their hair longer…umm okay interesting. For some strange reason I want to try and see what happens haha…See the latest.




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