its Monday....

'nuff said. 

Luckily some decent stuff has come up weekend, 

Peep the cool stuff I got for y'all!



OK I love college humor. And I like the song "Turn Down for what", now the video... that right there is the most trippy and weird vid I've ever seen. what College Humor did, however, is that much crazier. They went ahead and took the music out of it and the results were... well they were...    Just watch it. 


 Now this guy just knows how to have fun, EVEN! after he died. He straight up wrote his own obituary and it's just the funniest thing. Read it here 


Man I love music, I really do, but sometimes its annoying. and this guy knows what I'm talking about. he made a chart to show the different parts of each genre of music.  I love what he says about POP! DA-LE!! 


Alright. I'm pretty forgetful, but I don't forget to return my library book after 59 YEARSSS!!!! the best part is what the book was about. Take a look 



People have been hyping up the Simpsons/ Family Guy crossover episode for a while know. and at Comic Con the preview was shown and of course I've got it for ya! 


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