yo... Yo... YOOOOOO!!!! 



WHATS UP!!! ITS FRIDAYYYYYY - AY - AY (it's an echo- deal with it) 

and in honor of Friday I am going to do nothing special in the least WOOT WOOT!!! Turn up for what ! :P 



 OH AND YEA I DID PUT CHEESE ON MY CHEST! :P Don't Judge me! 'matter of fact! add me on instagram! @Carlitosduh  

and check out the picture again on EB's Insta. because it's awesome and oh so cheesey... ( see what i did there?... yea me neither) 

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as always I've been scoping the interwebs to bring you interesting, funny and weird stuff that you may not have found! check em out! 


In case you missed the Jimmy Fallon last night here he is on helium... oh and Morgan Freeman is there too


SO apperantly ice cream doesn't melt according to Walmart. Yea, their icecream doesn't melt check out the story here


Okay, I know we all were afraid of our sister's, cousin's creepy ass dolls when we were kids. So this creeps me out yo! Random dolls we're appearing all over this neighborhood. Dude, if i lived there I would have been Goneeee, I've seen the movies. 



You know sometimes you see someone and you just wish you were them.. but then rethink it and you're just like... NAHHHHHH!!!  haha. This *cough   large man is getting his groove on with a very attractive young lady. But it looks like she's just dancing with his belly :P 


Hey do you think you're obsessed with social media? if you do, Check out this video and prove it!