Kami Simmons here reporting from the studio with the latest for you guys!! 

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Ok now for what you have been waiting on! 


Check out this cute Vine video of a baby pig pouncing through the grass! Just too adorable!!! See it here!


Ok so there is this new butter knife that does not break the bread..ummm ok I can dig it lol. I have had this happened to me so many times and I would buy it! Butter up and check it out below: 


Instagram has created a really cool new app, Hyperlapse, it allows users to create time-lapse videos!! Check out more about it below:


Once again another cool custom made Star-Wars home theatre! Man do I want one of these now!!!


Take a look at this gallery of some wedding proposal fails. That one that was on the car just took me back to my high school years during prom season. Ok go check it out! Some are just too funny!!!


Alright that's all I have for you! Remember to check back in for the latest here with Kami!