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OG (Original Gansta) right here!

This dog, also known as the OG (Original Gansta), was born to have swag! I’m loving the second pic! He is definitely rocking the one and only pimp hat!!!!


Check out more pics on his Instagram @changothehandsomepittie


List of the most educated places in America! Bethesda, MD and, where I graduated from school, Potomac, MD made the top two on the list!! Check out the list here!!



NINJA CAT!!!! Now this cat is just crazy!! One of the reasons why I don’t like cats! They are just too aggressive!!!!



In other news.....

Talk about true love!! A couple married of 62 years dies at the same time and they are holding hands!! Check out the story below: 


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I Hate Mondays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

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My name is Carlos and here's some stuff I found mad cool around the web! :)


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Here's something fun! Buzzfeed always does these silly videos about the most random things, check out all the hidden messages they found in all these popular logos. 


Everyone and their mother is excited for Fifty Shade of Grey, so much so that someone had plans for a hotel where they can go in and well do Fifty shades-type  activities. BUTTT! their plans aren't working out because of a local church. Read the whole story it's kinda intense 



So... everyone has a snap chat.. and every now and again people send each other nudes and some guys even send what are called.... well it rhymes with "chick mix" 

this person had never receive said pictures so her friends decided to give her 89 pictures and record her reactions, which are amazing 



Hey are you getting married? or having some big event and wish you could have a picture of the top of everyone's head? Well you're in luck! because people are now using drones to take pictures at weddings and other ceremonies check out the story long with some pix  


My puppy is fat.. ok she's not really a puppy anymore and she's not THAT fat! but i still might take her to this place, in Alexandria. It's a Gym for dogs! Yea! a GYM. For DOGS. Hey it's not a bad idea i just find it funny to see a pup on a treadmil check out the story and video here