WUDDDUP Y'alllll!!!! Its Carlos long time no blog how are you? good? good! :) 

Ok so I'm Actually hungover today but SHHHH don't tell EB!!!



With that said!!!! as always I got some cool stuff for y'all to check out! it's all fun and I think this will be my first post where I actually Dont have a NSFW post! 




ok anddd here we areeeee


We all love John Legend, we all do he's beautiful, soulful (can sing 1000000000 times better than myself) 

but his new video for his song "You & I (Nobody in the World)"Will make you cry) 


In the middle of a pool party this 

dude saves lady who ran her car into a pool Faith in Humanity Restored  


Family dollar is going to start selling beer 

does this mean $1 six packs?? YASSSSS


Diet coke does not believe in nipples.. 


This description of *cough Drake's... little fella... will make you chuckle at the very least, 


AND Finally!!!!  for those of you who like Batman and for those of you who like parodies, and even for you people who like loud music here's batman in a metal band featuring Red hood, Robin, and Nightwing 





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