I love Craigslist. I also love finding new friends who really like to party. When I saw this posting, I had to look into it more. 

[craigslist screenshot]

They said their friends have become lame and they're looking for people who wanna rage. I like to rage. 

Here's what they want from a chick friend: 


Attractiveness is necessary. Working out should be in your regimen. If you're blessed with a natural beauty, god bless. Hot friends are a plus.

We're not looking for girlfriends here. We have stellar OK Cupid, Tinder, and Hinge accounts for that.

You can handle daydrinking. You like to party on the weekends. Nuff said. (Warning: When you blackout you need to be one of those more fun/crazy blackouts, not messy/we have to take care of you blackouts. Be an adult and hold your own.)

Mad bonus points if you can swing free drinks at bars from dudes just 'cause. That is legit.

I TOTALLY FIT THAT! So instead of bojanglin', I called them up and wanted to see what THEY would offer ME.. and why this whole thing really started. They'll be on the show, so tune in!

And see the whole posting here if you need some new non-lame friends too!