Great idea, or BEST IDEA EVER?!?! 

No more worrying about drunken FB posts or tweets that you have to apologize for or explain in the morning.... because this new app/social network is only accessible to drunk people. 

Allow me to introduce you to Livr.

Get drunk. Blow into the breathalyzer that attaches to your phone, and GAME ON B******!!!!! 

You can then drunk dial people, find the best bar with the most fellow drunks, and the best part- play truth or dare. And the most bestest part: since you have to be drunk to see what everyone else is doing too... you'll never get judged! 

Unfortunately... the video isn't the most exciting thing to watch... and once this launches we'll have to buy the breathalyzer.. but like... THIS COULD BE REALLY FUN! 

Side note: I must remember that whenever I make an app, all I have to do is think of a simple, relative word... and remove the e.