Do you have any recurring dreams?! Ever figured out what it means? 

I'm here to help [along with Guyism].. and I'm hoping I can figure out why I always dream about having a tail that gets stuck in a door.

9. Falling Dreams
You are feeling out of control in real life, and so your subconscious finds a way to sublimate this into a physical action – freefall.
You are contemplating giving into a sexual impulse, or that you need to tighten your sex game up, son, because you’re not being careful enough.

8. Flying Dreams
Flying dreams are all about power. The better you can fly, the more secure you feel about yourself and the world around you. The more you struggle, the more insecure you probably are in real life.

7. Test Dreams
You’re feeling anxious about being carefully scrutinized about some issue in real life – being metaphorically put to the test. You feel challenged in some way, and often how you fare in the dream is indicative of your confidence in your ability to meet these real life challenges.

6. Chasing Dreams
Chances are it’s an indicator of how you would deal with real life stress – by running away. So basically, you’re just a coward.

5. Trapped Dreams
You’re hanging onto something that you need to let go. Whether it’s guilt, anger, or just a bad habit that you need to break, your subconscious is trying to tell you that it’s smothering you and pretty soon it will choke you out completely.

4. Missing Teeth Dreams
You don’t feel like you’re being heard enough in real life, and that you feel a sense of powerlessness

3. Nudity Dreams
You feel vulnerable or ashamed of something, and so your subconscious strips away your defense mechanisms in the form of clothing.

2. Death Dreams
A phase of your life is coming to an end. Maybe you’re leaving a long-time job, or a relationship is on the rocks. Your subconscious is letting you know that it’s okay to let go. It’s time.

1. Sex Dreams
The person you’re having sex with probably actually represents something you like about yourself. Basically, all the people in your dreams are a manifestation of a facet of your personality, and every action that involves them represents your own feelings about those parts of yourself. 

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