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#Thehappy30-15 Days in!


I had no idea how awesome the #thehappy30 challenge would be. It has been so nice focusing on all things positive I am so glad I took the challenge! It's not too late for you to start, join in and start your day 1 today! 

#thehappy30 -Day 6 goes to beautiful memories! No matter how bad your day is going or who or what tries to bring you down, there are moments in life that are untouchable! There will be situations that shake your foundation. Hold on to your untouchable memories, they will always bring you some kind of peace of mind. And keep making more untouchable moments! That's the most important 

#thehappy30 -Day 7 goes to this little girl I'm growing! We love her so much already and I'm so blessed I was chosen to be her mom!

#thehappy30 - Day 8 goes to how beautiful carrying this baby girl makes me feel (inside and out) I love her so much already. #nofilter

#thehappy30- Day 9 goes to how happy getting my girls their first matching outfits made me! I hope they love each other so much!

#thehappy30 -Day 10 goes to 6 months of pregnancy! Here's 24 weeks, tomorrow I'm 25! Time is flying!

#thehappy30 -Day 11 goes to education! It's never ending! If you need or want to learn about something take the time to educate yourself!

#thehappy30 -Day 12 is all about self reflection (see what I did there) I like who I have become but daily I say this prayer: Dear God, help me be the best ME that I can be, that way I'm not asking for anything but what he already gave me...just sometimes I need some instructions on how to use it.

#thehappy30 - Day 13! Simply happy because it's Friday and after a killer workout, I now can just relax and feel this baby kick!

#thehappy30 -Day 14 goes to our little family stay-cation! Love, laughter and a little touch of the terrible twos =perfection #nationalharbor

#thehappy30 - Day 15 goes to being able to watch this beautiful bond they share! It's literally incredible and often breathtaking. I love their love!

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