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Pregnancy Fitness!



Staying fit this pregnancy is the ultimate goal. In order to do it I have decided to dive into all kinds of different activities to not get bored. I am working out at least 4-5 times a week, eating as healthy as possible, and I am forcing myself to drink and drink AND DRINK water all day long. 

I have to be very honest, it's not easy! I am tired a lot, more so this pregnancy than the last because now I have a toddler running around that requires a lot of energy, but it's so worth it. 

I've been doing a mixture of high and low intensity workouts to try to make sure I give my body some rest. I, of course, keep up my Corecamper workouts.  I have been doing Corecamper for almost two years and it's my absolute go to workout. I can get a full body workout in under 20 minutes and because there are different levels of intensity I can keep it up during my pregnancy.

I am loving Kazaxe which ai describe as Zumba on steroids! It's super high intensity and the music makes it so much fun. 

BarreBelleMD is one of my new favs! It seems like it would be easy, but it's not. I use muscles I didn't even know I had and it's a phenomenal workout. It's booty and leg focused...JUST WHAT MAMA LIKES LOL! 

If I am stuck at home and need a quick cardio workout, I pop in my Turbo Jam DVD! Chalene Johnson cracks me up and I know the entire video by heart so I find myself talking along with Chalene and it's still fun for me. 

This weekend I did yoga on the mall and it was incredible! There were over 6,000 people and the weather was so beautiful. I definitely want to try to get a little more yoga in my workout routine. 

Basically I stay as active as possible! I am loving what I do now, but if you have a workout to recommend, a healthy recipe to share, a pregnancy heath secret or two, PLEASE FILL ME IN! 

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