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Fit Pregnancy

Fit Pregnancy

Truth moment, my last pregnancy I was not very healthy! My cravings consisted of Wendy's sea salt fries and chocolate Frostys and I OFTEN gave into those cravings!

I started my pregnancy at 127 pounds, I gave birth at 190. Needless to say, things got out of hand. In my defense, I did get very sick and gained 30 pounds the last week of pregnancy due to Preeclampsia. Even still, it was not ideal. 

This pregnancy I am beyond dedicated to staying healthy. I am eating very responsibly and still doing my workouts and I know my health issues and risks so I am much more prepared. 

I worked really hard to lose all the baby weight and become strong and healthy before I got pregnant with 2.0 so I plan to keep it up.

So far so good. If you have any tips PLEASE SHARE! I've only done this once so I am not an expert lol! 

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