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Crazy Pregnant Dreams!


You know those commercials that say, This is your brain...This is your brain on drugs? I am starting to think that the brain on drugs and on pregnancy hormones is similar. 

I am having some of the most vividly crazy dreams! Last night I had a dream that the DEA raided my house, only the DEA agent was Walter White's brother-in-law from Breaking Bad. Even though there were drugs they were cleverly hidden so the DEA missed them but my stepdad found them and freaked out.

While in the house the DEA arrested my mom for a crime she had committed when she was 19. I guess she had dodged a warrant or something. 

It was insane! I was so confused and this is has been how my dreams have been lately. 

I hear pregnancy dreams can get crazy and so I don't feel so weird about it can you please share yours with me LOL! 

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