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Biggest Baby Shower EVER!

Biggest Baby Shower EVER!

photo credit: clevercupcakes via photopin cc

So my friend runs The District Insider website so she stays in the know! She literally stays busy going to tons of events in the DMV so she can talk about them on her site. When she heard about the Biggest Baby Shower Ever, put on by Big City Moms, she sent the info my way and I am in love! 

I have literally never heard or seen such a thing. A bunch of pregnant ladies celebrating being pregnant, free stuff, food and even a space for the men! Yes sign me up!  That's pretty much the only way I convinced Slim to come with me LOL. I told him there was stuff just for him and there is. 

I can't wait to go tomorrow night! This has been such an awesome pregnancy so last one was a little rough and I didn't get to share in it with Slim the way I wanted to so this is so cool! 

The tickets include all kinds of cool free stuff and with a baby coming, free is amazing! If you are pregnant or know someone who is, make sure to tell them...This is the stuff that we pregnant ladies live for :) 

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