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Today I am 23 weeks! I seriously cannot believe that I am over halfway there! In 17 weeks (or so) I will get to meet my baby girl. Though it seems like a long time, it has kind of sent me into a panic LOL. 

There are some obvious things that need to happen. I have to start finishing up the nursery and doing some serious organizing, but that's kind of fun so I am looking forward to it. 

The good news is I feel much more prepared this time around! I have decided to really educate myself on my options in an attempt to have a better delivery this time. 

So far Slim and I have decided that we are going to try to get through this birth with as little interventions as possible, we didn't have that option with MJ because of the Preeclampsia and how sick I got. 

We have a whole team of people we will work with, we are doing placenta encapsulating (which should help with postpartum depression) we have decided to do delayed cord clamping (the benefits of this seem incredible) and we will be taking hypno-birthing classes to assist with the birth. 

I am reading books, doing extensive research and working on a push-it play list LOL. I still don't have a plan, I have learned that plans don't always work out and then you panic because your plan didn't work so I'd rather just be prepared and go with the flow.

This whole process has been so exciting!  I could use some help though! Do you have some awesome motivational Push-it songs?!?! Upbeat is good :) I would love to hear your advice and ideas. Let me know! 

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