A photo op with the Cookie Monster seems to have taken an ugly turn.

A man dressed as the beloved Sesame Street character—but who was not representing "Sesame Street" in any formal capacity—was jailed after allegedly pushing down a 2-year-old. It happened after the toddler’s mother refused to tip the man after he'd posed for a picture in Times Square.

The New York Daily News reports that Osvaldo Quiroz-Lopez, 33, reportedly demanded $2 after posing for the photo. When the child’s mother refused, he allegedly pushed the child over. Quiroz-Lopez has been charged with assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

Each day, a collection of individuals dressed in costumes representing famous children’s characters makes the rounds in Times Square offering to take photos with passers-by. Though they are not officially allowed to charge for the photos, those who take the photos often offer a small tip in exchange.

This is far from the first bizarre and negative exchange to happen with a costumed character in the New York City hot spot.

Just two months ago, an individual dressed as Spider-Man was charged with assault for allegedly hitting a woman who refused to pay after her children posed for pictures. Though, in that case, both the defense and prosecutors agreed that the woman had first thrown a snowball at the head of 35-year-old Philip Williams after he insulted her for refusing to tip.

And in 2012, a man dressed as another "Sesame Street" character, Elmo, was arrested for allegedly screaming anti-Semitic comments. Amazingly, it was not his first arrest for the same behavior.

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